Not All Cookie Dough Is The Same, Ours is Super Tasty

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Ready To Make Top Profit?

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Our Customers Love Us

“We raised $5,883 with only 50% participation with our Charter School. We’re using the money for field trips!”

Canyon High School

"We Raised $2,100, our school used some of the funds for field trips. Thanks Justfundraising!”

North County High School

Our Customers Love Us

*Based on 10 units sold per member

It's So Easy!

Not All Cookie Dough Is The Same, Ours Is  Super Tasty

Send Me My Cookie Dough Fundraiser Kit! Click Here


This Fundraiser Has It All:

  • Up To 55% Profit
  • 6 of the Best Selling Flavors
  • Priced at Only $16 - $20
  • Comes in 2lb and 2.7lb Options
  • Completely Free-to-Start
  • New: Contactless Fundraising


Now You Can Do Contactless Fundraising

  • Order Your FREE Cookie Dough Brochures. We will mail out your cookie dough order takers, and create your group's custom online store. We will email you a link so you can share the store with your group members and parents.
  • Your group members can share the link to your group's online store with friends and family so they can browse and place their order.
  • Your supporters can place their order online and the profit will be deposited to your group's account.
  • Upon completing your fundraiser, we'll send you an invoice, and your Profit Report. Delivery will take 2 weeks. Your order will be shipped to one location for pick-up. Do a Drive-By Pick-up to avoid social contact.

Number Of Sellers Total Units Sold Your Profit!
15 150 $765
25 250 $1,275
50 500 $3,400
100 1,000 $7,650
500 5,000 $46,750
1,000 10,000 $93,500

*Based on 10 units sold per member with an average retail price of $17.

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